Questions for Self-Examination - part 1

Today's blog is shared with a Moment of Pause. Whilst thumbing through my books, I came across Caroline Myss' book, Anatomy of the Spirit - The Seven Stages of Power and Healing - and as I tripped through the pages I was re-united with these questions below. They are a powerful way to re-examine how we operate within ourselves and with others. Take your time to explore these questions as part of your own journey of self discovery. I will post the rest tomorrow.

1. Do you like yourself? If not, what don't you like about yourself, and why? Are you actively working to change the things about yourself that you don't like?

2. Are you honest? Do you sometimes misrepresent the truth? If so, why?

3. Are you critical of others? Do you need to blame others as a way of protecting yourself?

4. Are you able to admit it when you are wrong? Are you open to feedback from other people about yourself.

5. Do you need the approval of others? If so why?


- from Anatomy of the Spirit