Those suffering from addictive processes are often held captive by excruciating and debilitating cycles of self loathing, shame, guilt, fear and pain coupled with the compelling desire to numb out or intensify feelings and self medicate by any means possible.


I see addiction as a complex trauma response that is often misunderstood and therefore misdiagnosed and treated. Having worked my own 12 Step Programme, I have both the birds eye view and the professional view into the complexities of addiction and the interventions available. In simple terms, addiction is a way to try and 'fix' unwanted feelings and thoughts, however this ultimately leads to more of the same as the need for a fix becomes increasingly demanding and destructive yet less rewarding.


I therefore utilise a multidisciplinary approach which in brief, is a combination of halting the behaviour, exploring and uncovering the route causes of the desire to 'fix' the feelings, and then learning how to tolerate, heal and integrate the demanding urge to 'fix' painful and unmanageable feelings that arise. Depending on the individual client, I may also suggest you attend a 12 Step Programme for additional support and self exploration coupled with our therapeutic work.


For those habituated to high levels of internal stress since early childhood, it is the absence of stress that creates unease, evoking boredom and a sense of meaninglessness. People may become addicted to their own stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, Hans Selye observed. To such persons stress feels desirable, while the absence of it feels like something to be avoided.
— Gabor Maté M.D.

PHOTO credit: Benjamin Blattler / Unsplash