In this workshop, which I call Create Your Own Prayer©, we explore how to create prayers and mantras that more closely align us to a deeper sense of ourselves and to an infinite source of serenity and creative flow that is ever available when we turn our attention to it.


I use the term prayer loosely as this is not meant to be a religious format, although if that format is meaningful to you then use whatever best resonates with you. For the purpose of writing here however, I use the term prayer to describe words of resonance that allow you to attune and drop deeper into yourself so as to align with that which you experience to be an infinite creative source.


I have found that prayer can be a powerful way to connect more openly and honestly with ourselves by formulating phrases or sentences - prayers, that speak to our deepest longing and despair. Words have their own particular resonance and dissonance and when we attend to words that are meaningful to us, they land in our body and in our being in a very particular way. The more we finely tune these prayers the more they become like a gateway into our deeper selves.


This workshop therefore in part is about getting as close to our truth as possible and finding ways of communicating this truth in a sacred, creative and meaningful way that can become part of a regular spiritual praxis or part of a way of languaging that which is most intimate and important to us.


For further information about this workshop and its format please contact me.




PHOTO credit: Aziz Acharki / Unsplash