These workshops are for all women who want to explore redeeming the sacred feminine.


It has been my privilege to work with a wide variety of women in various therapeutic settings. I have heard stories of how women have encountered the most challenging and heart searing experiences, and I am ever humbled by the resilience and beauty of the female spirit.


Workshops on redeeming the sacred feminine are meant to do exactly what it says on the tin! To join together as a circle of women, remembering what it is to be a powerful, sexual, abundant and vibrant woman, and celebrating all that which makes us a woman. We will use all forms of creativity, story telling, music, dance, writing, drawing, ritual and sharing together as a way to explore all that may have been lost along the way and to bring it back into the light of our consciousness and being.



This sense of loss may have occured due to childhood or adult trauma, illness or bereavement. However, one may not know exactly why we feel so disconnected, yet have a general sense of needing to get back in touch with oneself. This workshop is designed to allow for time and space to reflect and be with yourself in a creative and supportive setting, and to begin the redemption of what has always been there, just waiting for the opportunity to be invited back into the light.


Dependent on the particular context and focus of the next workshop, I may invite another practitioner to co-facilitate with me. Details will be posted nearer to the time.


For more information and dates of the next workshop please contact me.




MAIN PHOTO credit: Thanh Tran / Unsplash