Supervision is an essential component in maintaining rigour and awareness as therapists in the way that we work with clients, as well as supporting our on-going practice development. It is also key to safeguarding clients and maintaining ethical practice within the guidelines of our accrediting bodies. I provide supervision in accordance with UKCP guidelines of best practice.


I endeavour to offer supervision in a safe, supportive, challenging and creative environment in a collegiate manner, so that together we can explore and process the dynamics of your client work.


I provide supervision to trainees and qualified practitioners across different modalities including psychodynamic, humanistic, psychospiritual, existential and integrative therapies. As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner I can also offer a somatic overview and feedback, however I am not a registered SEP Supervisor and therefore these sessions will not count towards your Somatic Experiencing case consult credits.


Our key areas of focus will include assessment and evaluation, direction of the work, psychological awareness of and reflection upon the therapeutic process, therapeutic and practical boundaries including client contracts, exploring the transference and counter-transference (including erotic transference) and projective identification.


In order to support your supervision I draw upon several models including Proctor's Functional Model, Stoltenberg & Delworth (Integrated Developmental) Model, Hawkins & Shohet (Double Matrix) Model, Waskett's 4s Solution Focused Strategy Model and Padesky's (CBT) Model. I do not focus on any one particular model as I find that a mixture of elements the most beneficial in a case consultation and we can agree on what we feel will best support you and your clients. Although I may utilise the models above, the scope of the supervision is very much based on the practice not the detail or philosophy of any one modality. If at any point I feel limited in my experience, I will discuss this with you and the best way forward to obtain the support you need at that time.